Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Food

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

BW Packaging is a proven resource for manufacturers seeking to implement sustainable packaging solutions for their products. With five divisions and 29 manufacturing facilities in eight countries across the world, our team members are keenly aware of the logistical and financial challenges presented by the global sustainability imperative. Because of this, we can recommend practical, cost-efficient solutions for several strategies.

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Recycle, Reduce, Reformat

According to PMMI’s Packaging Sustainability report, 89% of CPGs surveyed said they are pursuing recyclable packaging as a part of their sustainability strategy. In the same survey, 80% of CPGs said they are minimizing packaging to reduce waste and 56% said they are redesigning packaging using more sustainable materials. BW Packaging offers solutions that address each of these categories. Select a category below to begin exploring solutions.

Recyclable Packaging

Our machinery runs a variety of recyclable packaging with maximum efficiency and consistent quality. Here are some examples of recycle-friendly packaging we can support:

Recyclable Films & Paper Structures

BW Flexible Systems' can run recyclable films and paper structures on flexible packaging machines. Learn more about BW Flexible Systems’ horizontal flow wrappers (HFFS) and vertical form-fill-seal baggers (VFFS).

PET, PP, and Other Recyclable Materials for Cups

Synerlink provides form-fill-seal (FFS) machines that can run 100% recyclable PET and PP cups and fill-seal (FS) machines that can run a wide range of materials, including bio-sourced materials, cardboard, and glass. Learn more about Synerlink’s FFS and FS packaging solutions.

Aluminum Cans

For decades, Barry-Wehmiller’s packaging companies have lead the way in can filling, seaming, and handling. Pneumatic Scale Angelus is a globally recognized leader in can seaming machines and technology. BW Integrated Systems’ can end handling and conveyance machinery can handle more than 10,000 aluminum ends per minute, maximizing productivity. Learn more about Pneumatic Scale Angelus and BW Integrated Systems.


Our divisions excel at ensuring product integrity, food safety, and competitive shelf-life while running lightweight materials. Here are some ways we can help you minimize packaging to reduce waste.

Reduce Cup Thickness

Synerlink’s SNAPCUT Cutting Tool Technology allows you to cut and pre-cut PET, PP, and all other recyclable plastics at a thickness of 0.6 mm, allowing food producers to embrace more sustainable materials while also reducing plastic use. Learn more about Synerlink’s cutting tool technologies.

Reduce Label Thickness

Accraply can process and apply shrink sleeve films at thicknesses of 40 microns or less. Through downgauging, manufacturers save on film costs and reduce the amount of plastic being used. Learn more about Accraply’s shrink sleeve labeling capabilities.


We collaborate with CPGs and sustainable packaging suppliers to test and validate the use of more sustainable packaging materials for existing product lines. Here are some examples of how we've implemented sustainable materials into existing product lines:

Convert Flexible Packaging Lines for Recyclable Plastics & Paper

BW Flexible Systems has partnered with CPGs in several market segments to convert existing product lines to recyclable paper and plastic packaging. This can be achieved through new BW Flexible Systems machines or by retrofitting existing equipment. Learn more about BW Flexible Systems.

Replace Single-Use Plastic Bowls with Plant-Based Alternatives

Streamfeeder, a BW Integrated Systems brand, has partnered with the material science company Footprint to replace single-use plastic bowls with plant-based fiber bowls for frozen food manufacturers in the U.S. Learn more about Steamfeeder solutions.