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by Carol O'Neill | Jan 04, 2023

As 2023 begins, I’d like to take a moment to share some exciting news. Effective today, Barry-Wehmiller’s global team of packaging professionals will go by BW Packaging, officially dropping the “Systems” from our name.

Don’t worry, we’re still committed to delivering high-performance packaging systems and backing them with a lifetime of customer support. Shortening our name is just one of many ways we are simplifying our customers’ experience.

In this post, I’ll provide a brief recap of how BW Packaging came together, explain our reasoning for this rebrand, and share some of our aspirations for the future.

How did we get here? An abridged history of BW Packaging

After an extensive history of acquisitions by Barry-Wehmiller, in late 2016, our teams came together with a mission to be the best packaging solutions provider in the markets we serve.

In 2018, we adopted the BW Packaging Systems name to convey that, by collaborating and applying our broad expertise, we could solve our customers’ challenges more efficiently and optimize their packaging processes more effectively. The leadership team of the newly formed BW Packaging Systems established a shared vision of the type of partner we were committed to being for our customer, and for the competence that we would consistently deliver not only in individual machines but in complete, integrated lines.

By 2020, BW Packaging Systems had been recognized as a top 10 packaging equipment manufacturing company, based on our innovations, technology, and product lines. Though our initial goal was achieved, our work was not done. We knew we needed to continue investing in our people and innovation to continue to be the first call our customers make when they have a need. We could not rest on our laurels but instead needed to develop broader and deeper capabilities…in things like digital innovation, additive manufacturing, sustainability, and aftermarket excellence as well as new product development.

What’s changing? Looking to 2023 and beyond

Changing our name to BW Packaging has one major goal:  simplicity.  It is shorter (which is always nice!) and with our new logo, ties more clearly to our Barry-Wehmiller roots.  These roots and the values that they represent are important to us and to our customers and we wanted to strengthen and clarify that link. 

The Rebrand

Today, we’ve updated the BW Packaging website to reflect the recent changes, and in the coming months, you’ll notice that our email addresses, directory listings, and all other channels will follow suit. So, if you see an email coming from a address, for example, it isn’t spam.

A New Vision

More than a name, BW Packaging means something specific to our team members today, and we hope it means the same to you. Here is what BW Packaging means to us:

People Who Care, Solutions That Perform

BW Packaging is a global team of packaging professionals who genuinely care about people. We show our customers that they matter by learning about their challenges and embracing them as our own. Through these partnerships, we develop purposeful packaging solutions to optimize our customers' processes and back them with a lifetime of customer support.

This vision statement is true to the Barry-Wehmiller promise that “we measure success by the way we touch people’s lives.” In addition, it clarifies the kind of partner we are for our customers. As we continue to pursue our mission of building a better world through business, we will ensure the “People Who Care, Solutions That Perform” is a message that our customers feel, not just read about.

Getting Focused

Every OEM claims to be the leader in their respective industries, but what sets us apart is how we go about our business. Through collaboration, innovation, and application of our broad packaging expertise, BW Packaging and our customers are solving the packaging industry's greatest challenges together. In 2023, we’re focused on addressing four key topics:

  • Sustainability – Infusing sustainable thinking into our business culture and practices.
  • Integration – Building robust connections through expertise and IIoT solutions.
  • Automation – Prioritizing people and safety while streamlining production.
  • Performance – Improving OEE with reliable solutions and lifetime customer support.

What is the best way to engage with your OEM on sustainability initiatives? How can IIoT solutions improve operational efficiency, not only for one machine but your entire packaging ecosystem? In the coming months, we will work with our customers and trusted industry partners to answer these questions and others. We look forward to facing whatever new challenges 2023 brings together.

Carol O'Neill

Carol O'Neill

As the BW Packaging Systems Group President, Carol leads efforts to enhance alignment and capabilities of the five divisions within the Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Platform including Accraply, BW Flexible Systems, BW Integrated Systems, Pneumatic Scale Angelus and Synerlink. Drawn to Barry-Wehmiller’s culture and values, Carol joined the organization in 2014 to serve as Vice President of Strategy, Technology and Key Initiatives. She accepted the role of Group President, Packaging in 2016.

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