Packaging Sustainability

We touch the lives of people around the world every day with the products that we package. Because of this, we're taking responsibility for infusing sustainable thinking into our business culture and practices. To address the issues of packaging waste and climate change, we will become a more sustainable organization through education, innovation, and collaboration.


Improving organizational competency by learning and growing together.


Considering environmental impacts when designing new packaging solutions.


Building relationships with conscious customers and industry partners.

Establishing Baselines

BW Packaging views sustainability, not as a megatrend, but as the right way to conduct business long-term. As we open this new chapter in our journey, we will look inward and establish baselines for our global energy consumption, waste to landfill, and water usage. This data will give us a clearer picture of our impact on the planet and allow us to set goals and mobilize resources to support sustainable business processes for ourselves and our customers.

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Setting Goals

As we continue to educate ourselves of our footprint and our value within the supply chain, we will set ambitious but attainable goals for improvement. To start, we will develop greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and zero waste to landfill goals. These goals, and all future goals, will be guided by our overarching strategy of becoming a more sustainable organization through education, collaboration, and innovation.

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Celebrating Accomplishments

Although we recognize the long road ahead of us, we also believe that celebrating successes is an important part of this journey. To date, we have successfully supported several customer initiatives, developed sustainable packaging innovations, and have begun to educate the industry on our perspective of the sustainable packaging landscape.

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