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    You read that correctly, we’ve officially dropped the “Systems” from our name. With the new year upon us, we’ve been reflecting on who we are as a team and where we’d like to go in the future. In addition to our change in name, we have several exciting announcements to share about the state of the Barry-Wehmiller packaging platform and what the future holds for our customers. 

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As a global team of packaging professionals, we make important connections for customers every day. Connecting process to production, product to packaging, and people to people. In this video, you'll learn how we combine our culture of caring for people with high-performance packaging solutions to make a difference in the lives of customers around the world.

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BW Packaging is a global supplier of packaging equipment and solutions with more than 40 locations around the world, a large footprint that shows our dedication to meeting customers where they are to provide the best possible service and care.

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Barry-Wehmiller culture

Helping our customers help their customers

As part of the Barry-Wehmiller organization, we’re proud that the solutions we provide help bring many of life’s daily necessities to people across the globe.

But that’s just what we do.

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