Food Packaging Machines and Technology

Food Packaging Machines and Technology

With an extensive range of food packaging machines and cutting-edge technology, BW Packaging is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for the food packaging industry. Our expertise spans various stages of the packaging process, ensuring that each of your products receives the optimal packaging solution. One of our primary goals is for your business to experience increased production and efficiency. Whether you require equipment for packaging baked goods, frozen food, fresh produce, confectionery, or any other packaged food item, we offer a diverse selection of commercial packaging machines to meet your needs. Explore our packaging solutions to find the perfect fit for your food product, packaging machine, or package type.

Automated Food Packaging Equipment

BW Packaging companies offer complete packaging lines for food products and individual food packaging machines. Hover over each equipment category below to learn more about our food packaging machines and technologies.

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BW Packaging provides a wide range of top-of-the-line commercial food packaging equipment, catering to diverse product needs. We’ll help you find a solution that meets the specific requirements of your product, ensuring its freshness, safety, and appealing presentation. Whether you’re packaging perishable goods, snacks, beverages, or other food items, BW Packaging offers machine solutions to streamline your packaging process.

Baby Food

Baby Food

Streamline your baby food packaging process with our expertise and diverse range of specialized machines, ensuring efficient and reliable packaging at every stage.

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Elevate your baked goods packaging with our industry expertise and advanced equipment designed to meet the unique requirements of bakery products, ensuring optimal efficiency and quality.

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Candy & Confectionary

Candy & Confectionary

Deliver impeccable candy and confectionery packaging with our specialized machines, designed to maintain product freshness and precision throughout the packaging process.

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Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Maximize freshness and efficiency in fresh produce packaging with our expertise and a wide variety of equipment designed to meet the industry’s unique demands.

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Frozen Food

Frozen Food

Meet the demands of frozen food packaging with our high-performance machines, carefully crafted to maintain product quality and freshness while maximizing packaging efficiency.

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Grains & Beans

Grains & Beans

Enhance the packaging process for grains and beans with our precision-engineered machines, ensuring optimal productivity and preservation of product quality.

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Meat & Pate

Meat & Pate

Achieve superior packaging quality for meat and pate products using our extensive range of specialized equipment designed to meet the rigorous demands of the industry.

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Powders, Sugars, Salts, & Spices

Powders, Sugars, Salts, & Spices

Efficiently package powders, sugars, salts, and spices with our versatile machines tailored to handle these products’ unique characteristics and requirements.

Explore Powders, Sugars, Salts, & Spices Explore Powders, Sugars, Salts, & Spices

Sauces, Dressings, & Condiments

Sauces, Dressings, & Condiments

Innovate your sauces, dressings, and condiments packaging with our various machines and cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal packaging solutions.

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Drive efficiency and excellence in snack food packaging using our high-performance equipment, engineered to deliver exceptional quality, speed, and versatility.

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BW Packaging is a leading provider of food packaging equipment, specializing in a wide range of packaging and decoration options to meet various industry needs. With cutting-edge technologies, we cater to various package types such as bags, bottles, cans, cups, and labels, ensuring efficient and high-quality packaging solutions for food manufacturers and distributors.

Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions

BW Packaging offers sustainable packaging solutions for a variety of food products. Whether your strategy includes reformatting your product for recyclable packaging, reducing your packaging material, or eliminating waste through extended shelf lives, we have a solution for you. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of packaging waste on the planet and actively seek out products that align with their sustainability values. By incorporating eco-friendly packaging, you demonstrate your commitment to reducing your environmental footprint and meeting the demands of conscious consumers. Visit our sustainable packaging solutions page to learn more about eco-friendly packaging solutions for food.

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Pearson Foods - Fresh Produce, Smart Packaging

Pearson Foods, an innovative fresh foods company, supports thousands of retail locations with its produce products. To speed up their operations, Pearson recently added the Hayssen ISB vertical bagger to its fresh produce packaging lines. The ISB is 18-22% faster than their Pearson Foods’ legacy vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) equipment, and it provided the company with the opportunity to launch their new twelve-ounce produce products.


Food Packaging Machine Price Calculation

Cost calculation is an essential early step in determining your food packaging machinery’s potential return on investment (ROI). To properly inform your investment decisions, it’s essential to understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your food packaging machine. To help you with this, we’ve created a TCO Calculation Guide, which includes a definition of TCO, a list of cost factors you should consider, and tips for keeping costs low.


Postres Romar refuerza su productividad con las máquinas Form-Fill-Seal de Synerlink

Postres Romar es una empresa de co-packing situada en España, que trabaja con distribuidores de renombre en múltiples productos. Se han puesto en contacto con Synerlink para aumentar sus capacidades en el mercado de yogures y postres. El inicio de un proyecto con un importante actor de la distribución en supermercados exigió la identificación de un proveedor para una máquina eficiente con una propuesta de valor favorable, lo que los llevó a Synerlink. La adquisición de una máquina de gelatina marcó el inicio de una colaboración que influyó significativamente en las capacidades de producción.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we integrate new food packaging machines into our existing production lines without disrupting our operations?

Integrating new food packaging machines into your existing production lines can be a relatively seamless process if done correctly. We can take several different approaches (installation during weekends to minimize production interruptions, plug-and-play machine design, pre-installation operator training, etc.). Be sure to share your concerns about disrupting production up front, and we will find a solution together.

What are the potential cost savings and return on investment (ROI) we can expect by investing in modern food packaging machines?

Investing in modern food packaging machines can yield significant cost savings and a promising return on investment (ROI) through a range of factors:

  1. Improved Accuracy and Efficiency: Modern machines offer better filling and closing accuracy, resulting in reduced product wastage and enhanced Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This translates to cost savings through optimal product utilization.

  2. Reduced Downtime and Faster Changeover: Advanced machines feature quicker changeover processes and faster cleaning cycles, minimizing production downtime. This operational efficiency leads to increased output and lower opportunity costs.

  3. Lower Maintenance Costs: Modern machines are designed for reliability and reduced maintenance needs. This translates to lower maintenance costs and fewer unplanned downtime occurrences.

  4. Enhanced Uptime Efficiency: Equipment featuring new technologies often leads to enhanced uptime. Their simplified designs with fewer parts contribute to a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to older machines.

  5. Product Giveaway Savings: Upgrading to modern equipment can substantially reduce product giveaway. For instance, shifting from a level filler to Net Weigh or Mass Flow fillers can significantly minimize product giveaway, resulting in substantial cost savings.

How can we ensure that the food packaging machines we choose will comply with industry standards and regulations?

To ensure that selected food packaging machines comply with industry standards and regulations, it's best to share your required standards or machine certifications with your OEM up front. Depending on what your product is and where it's being manufactured, you may need a machine that is 3-A, CE, or FDA-certified. By selecting machines with these certifications, you can confidently ensure that your chosen food packaging equipment aligns with industry regulations, maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and compliance.

What are the key factors to consider when selecting a food packaging machine for a food processing facility?

When selecting a food packaging machine for a food processing facility, several key factors need to be considered including:

  1. Product Characteristics: The type of product plays a pivotal role. Whether dealing with a pasta sauce or 2.5 gallons of edible oil (for liquid filling) or hard candy versus frozen food (IQF), the filling, closing and other packaging technology required varies significantly. Understanding the product's nature is the foremost step.

  2. Throughput Requirements: Consider the desired volumes and production rates - products per minute (PPM) or products per hour (PPH). This factor affects the choice of machine, ensuring it can meet the production demands effectively.

  3. Efficiency: Machine efficiency is a fundamental consideration. The packaging machine should be able to perform consistently and reliably to optimize production output.

  4. Cleanability: Machine cleanability is paramount for maintaining food safety and hygiene standards. The ease with which the machine can be cleaned, both internally and externally, is crucial.

  5. Parts and Service Availability: Ensuring that replacement parts are readily available and that the manufacturer offers reliable after-sales service and support is essential for minimizing downtime.

In summary, the process of selecting a food packaging machine involves a comprehensive analysis of the product, production requirements, product characteristics, cleaning needs, efficiency, cleanability, and long-term support options. These factors collectively determine the most suitable packaging solution for a food processing facility.