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Taylor Corporation Enhances Productivity with Accraply Revolve Shrink Sleeve Seamer

by Louis Greubel | Mar 22, 2023

Taylor Corporation is a large, international printing organization that delivers an unmatched line of consumer retail marketing products, services, and technologies. Recently, a rapidly growing demand from their customers for larger shrink sleeve packaging—specifically for bundling wrap—provided Taylor Corp’s Prime Labels and Packaging division with an opportunity to scale up their operations.

“We were really in a situation where we needed to add capacity to continue to grow our business at the levels we wanted to, and to be able to support our customers at the levels they expect,” said Tony Smith, a Production Engineer at Taylor Corp.

Luckily, a solution—and the long-time partner that could supply it—was very close by.


The Accraply Revolve™ Platform

Accraply launched the Revolve series of shrink sleeve seaming equipment at the LabelExpo Congress event in 2021. The platform features three machines with one simple goal: to enhance productivity. Taylor Corp has been using Accraply equipment for well over a decade, and their growing need to meet customer demand made the adoption of the all-new Revolve a no-brainer.

“As we talked with Accraply, we discovered that the Revolve might be a good application,” Smith said.

Randy Scott, General Manager of Taylor Corporation’s Prime Labels and Packaging division, agreed, saying, “This piece of equipment checked all the boxes in terms of the variety of shrink sleeves we wanted to produce and the throughput that we need in order to be competitive.”

Both men were drawn to the Revolve’s larger, longer forming bed and its ability to place shrink sleeve seams in a more innocuous position. These key components of the Revolve’s operations were essentially tailor-made to suit the needs Taylor Corp was looking to fill for their customers.

Intuitive Training and Future-Proof Modularity

The Revolve met Taylor Corp’s strict printing and labeling needs, but perhaps just as importantly, its intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls allowed operators to ramp up production quickly and efficiently.

“The Revolve is really a very easy machine to run for our operators,” Smith said. “It’s an easy machine to train on. It’s easy to learn. There’s a lot of automation that really makes the Revolve a very user-friendly piece of equipment.”

Equipment Operator Jerrett Peterson agreed, saying, “It’s a lot easier to train somebody on the measurements of labels when you can just type in the numbers, and they can visually see what we’re doing. This is a lot quicker when setting up a new job and finding the correct measurements.”

Ease of operator training wasn’t the only feature that sold Taylor Corporation on the Revolve. The modularity and upgradability of the machinery was also a major selling point.

“One of the things we really liked about this piece of equipment is that we can upgrade it later as our business changes or grows,” Scott said.

Smith praised the Revolve’s modular design as well, saying, “We can add turreted unwind and rewind, and have that opportunity to have continuous production on the Revolve. We are looking forward to taking advantage of that as the need grows within our business.”

Lifetime Customer Support

As a BW Packaging company, Accraply understands that business partnerships don’t end after a machine has been sold. Troubleshooting, answering questions, and assisting operators is an important aspect of building relationships with customers, and Accraply’s relationship with Taylor Corporation has been nothing short of exceptional.

“The longer-term benefit is we know we have a reliable partner,” Scott said. “We’ve got five other sites that we’re looking at to place these machines because of its strong performance.”

Reflecting on Taylor Corp’s partnership with Accraply, Smith said, “In our experience, Accraply makes high-quality equipment. We’ve been very successful with them over the years, and we are looking forward to continuing to grow with them.”

The good feelings were mutual.

“I would like to thank Taylor Corp for their partnership going through this process,” said Joe Leonard, Sales Executive and Production Line Leader at Accraply. “What I really like about Taylor is their appreciation for the shrink process, because that’s how you be successful. And clearly, they are.”

Louis Greubel

Louis Greubel

Louis has over 7 years of professional writing experience and over 4 years of experience crafting blog content. As a Content Marketing Specialist for BW Packaging, he helps packaging subject matter experts (SME) share their knowledge on packaging technologies, global trends, and market-specific challenges and solutions. 

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