Multinational Confectionary Manufacturer Converts VFFS Baggers for Paper Material

Partnering to Provide Safe, Sustainable Candy Packaging

One of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery needed to develop a packaging solution for their lozenge candy that would provide optimal product protection with the lowest environmental impact possible. To align their packaging process with the company’s environmental protection commitment, this confectionary manufacturer partnered with BW Flexible Systems to modify their vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machines to run a recyclable paper film. The result was an attractive, recyclable paper package that reduces material use without compromising food protection.

We're an international partner that can provide innovative solutions and superior service to their global install base.

Larry Norpoth, Commercial Director of BW Flexible Systems 

The Challenge

Keeping with their commitment to sustainable product packaging, the confectionary manufacturer opted to replace the traditional bag-in-box packaging format with a standalone paper bag for their lozenge candy product. Because this was a shelf-stable product, the moisture barrier benefits provided by the plastic bag-in-box format were dispensable. This created an opportunity for the confectionary manufacturer to change to a recyclable paper-based package and reduce the total amount of packaging being used.

During the early stages of this project, the confectionary manufacturer established several key requirements for the new package. It needed to have an excellent appearance, proper product protection throughout the distribution cycle, and a Euro-hole with the proper hanging resistance. Also, the packaging process needed to be as efficient – or more efficient – than that of the previous package. To achieve this, the confectionery manufacturer relied on BW Flexible Systems to develop an innovative technical solution.

The Solution

To meet the confectionery manufacturer’s requirements, BW Flexible Systems made modifications to its Simionato® Logic VFFS Bagger, which allowed the confectionary manufacturer to efficiently handle, seal, and cut a Euro-hole into their preferred film. Achieving a top-quality recyclable paper bag is just one of many accomplishments these two companies have achieved together, according to Commercial Director of BW Flexible Systems Larry Norpoth.

“We’ve worked with [this customer] to develop innovative, reliable packaging solutions for the candy and confectionery industry for years,” said Norpoth. “The relationship began in the ‘90s when [the customer] hired us to provide high-speed candy wrappers. Since then, we’ve sold between 180-200 horizontal wrapper units to them, as well as a number of vertical bag-making units. They like working with us because we're an international partner that can provide innovative solutions and superior service to their global install base.”

The Results

As a result of their collaboration with BW Flexible Systems, this confectionary manufacturer was able to introduce a stunning new package for their lozenge product and reduce the environmental impact of their packaging without compromising production efficiency. As per the requirements of this project, the new lozenge package has excellent shelf appeal, offers proper product protection, and includes the proper hanging resistance for a Euro-hole. Following the launch, the confectionary manufacturer achieved the following:

  • Reduced the lozenge product’s plastic consumption by converting to a recyclable paper alternative.
  • Maintained production efficiency that was consistent with the previous bag-in-box format, despite the challenges presented by the recyclable paper bag format.

By all accounts, this collaboration drove positive change for the brand, its consumers, and our planet. Today, this particular confectionery manufacturer and BW Flexible Systems continue to develop new packaging solutions that will expand the use of recyclable paper packaging in the candy and confectionary industry.

Multinational Confectionary Manufacturer Converts VFFS Baggers for Paper Material
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