Yogurt Filling & Packaging Machines

Yogurt Packaging Machines & Technology

BW Packaging provides expertise and equipment at several stages of the yogurt packaging process. We offer a wide variety of innovative yogurt packaging machines. Choose your packaging technology or desired package type below to explore our yogurt packaging solutions. 

Yogurt Packaging Equipment

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Complete Packaging Lines for Yogurt

Yogurt Filling, Sealing, Seaming & Capping Equipment

Yogurt Labeling Equipment

Other Technologies & Solutions for Yogurt

Other Technologies & Solutions for Yogurt

Innovative Yogurt Packaging Solutions

In a crowded marketplace, innovative yogurt packaging design is essential. Synerlink takes a collaborative approach when working with yogurt companies to suggest and create unique designs for single cups and multipacks that are sure to create consumer interest. Click here to learn more about Synerlink’s industrial packaging design capabilities.

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Eco Friendly Yogurt Packaging

Synerlink’s patented SNAPCUT technology enables yogurt processors to cut and pre-cut PET, PP, and all other recyclable and recycled plastics (PLA, rPET). It can cut and pre-cut 0.6 mm plastic, allowing you to reduce the plastic used without compromising food safety. Click here to learn more about Synerlink’s patented SNAPCUT technology.

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