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BW Packaging provides expertise and equipment at several stages of the dry pet food packaging process. We offer a wide variety of dry pet food packaging machines. Choose your packaging technology or desired package type below to explore our dry pet food packaging solutions. 

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Complete Packaging Lines for Dry Pet Food

Complete Packaging Lines for Dry Pet Food

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BW Packaging offers dry pet food packaging equipment for a variety of packaging and decoration types including dry pet food bags and labels. Explore equipment for each of these solutions below.

Pet Food Company Optimizes Product-Mix Accuracy for 10-20 lb. Bags

A top 10 pet food company needed to improve the accuracy of the amount of freeze-dried meat additions included in their primary kibble products. BW Flexible Systems helped them reach this goal by providing upgrades to several components of their OmniStar baggers, including the ingredient inclusions scales, hoppers, PLCs, and HMIs. As a result, they were able to increase production rates, optimize product-mix accuracy, shorten changeover times, and improve product distribution.